Top Do’s and Don’ts for Overseas Couples

In love, there are compromises to be made and promises to be kept but there are also certain things that you should and many things that you shouldn’t. When you are in love with someone who is from another country, has different values and has a different cultural background than you, the dos and don’ts change. Here are some of the most important rules that you need to keep in mind if you are in a cross border relationship.

Be Open to Surprises
Always expect the unexpected. For example, if you are in love with a Chinese guy and plan on marrying him, you have a lot of expectations. You might have some characteristics and traits in mind, but you never know, the guy may defy stereotypes.

Do Show Patience When Dealing with Homeland Security
Unfortunately, the power of love cannot get you through Homeland Security easily. If you want to unite your heart and the heart of your lover who is thousands of miles away, and if you take the big step of being with him/her, expect Homeland Security to play spoilsport, to some degree. Visa processing combined with the infamous bureaucracy can take a considerable time during which you have to hold fast and wait. As much your heart aches and pains to be in the arms of your loved one, you must wait.

Do Some Research on Food
Know the food culture of your lover, especially if you have invited his/her family over for dinner. For example, in Peru men are accustomed to sharing a single glass to drink beer at dinner. The first person to get the glass salutes pours the beer, downs and passes the glass to the man next to him. It is a culture they adhere to and adore. Americans, on the other hand, are the complete opposite. All prefer to drink their beer right from the bottle. So, do your homework and score some brownie points.
The Don’ts
Don’t Even Think of Asking About the Horse
Now you may laugh but it is strongly advised that you ask all your friends to refrain from asking your Pakistani fiancé whether or not he will come riding on a horse to the wedding. This just doesn’t happen anymore so drop it!

Don’t Dis Your Soon to be In-Laws
Never even think about disrespecting your would be in-laws either directly or indirectly. So, don’t go on making any plans for travel as soon your fiancé tells you that they’ll be coming over to spend a couple of weeks with you guys as they might take it as an offense. Instead, look at the brighter side of things. You’ll be getting home cooked meals every day.

Don’t Underestimate the Big Day
Do not, in any circumstances, believe your mother or would-be mother in-law when they tell you that you can wear whatever you please. When you are marrying a person who belongs to a different culture, it is important to realize that the bride’s dress matters more than yours. So, be considerate.
So, here you go lovers. These are some of the best tips for cross border dating.

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