Benefits of Fairtrade for workers

Fairtrade aims to protect and benefit workers on flowers farms by certifying those farms which ensure safety and good working conditions for their employees. Consumers can now purchase Fairtrade flowers with the assurance that the rights of the workers who have produced them are being respected.

Fairtrade Standards for flowers

Among other things, Fairtrade Standards for flowers ensure the following:

  • Fairtrade Premium Committee composed of workers and management is formed to manage the Fairtrade Premium, with workers given the veto in decision making.
  • The Premium must be used for community development and improved working conditions.
  • Forced labour and child labour of children under 15 years old is prohibited. Children aged 15 and over cannot do work that compromises their health or education.
  • Workers have freedom of association and collective agreements. They have the right to establish or join an independent union, elect their advisors and design their own programmes.
  • Salaries must be equal to or higher than the regional average or the minimum wage.
  • Health and safety measures must be established in order to avoid work-related injuries. A detailed set of safety regulations specific to flower production limit the use of agrochemicals and prohibit the use of banned pesticides.