Faisal begins work with his new players

I just began to represent high school and college athletes that I believe would make it pro one day. For current high school players, my goal is to help them find and get noticed by college scouts and for college players, my goal is to help them get noticed by pro clubs and teams. Our goal is simple and it is to help players get noticed by scouts. I started this because I’ll be doing a minor in sports management in college and I believe this will give me the experience to advance in the future to become a sports agent or manager.

So far, I’ve selected two bright and promising players in the northern Virginia region. Everson Amaya (15) and Jordan Adams (17).

Everson is currently attending West Potomac H.S and playing in the DC United academy team. He was selected to visit California and do a photo shoot with Adidas a couple weeks ago during the summer. I selected Everson because I believe he has a very promising future ahead. Playing in an MLS academy team will give him the experience to hopefully get into the professional MLS team and that is my goal, to help him achieve that. Firstly, by making sure he is scouted by a college in high school. Together, I believe we’ll eventually get him to his fullest potential.

Jordan is currently attending Annandale HS and has experience playing on many school and out of school elite basketball teams. I selected Jordan because of many reasons. His stats in the varsity team at Annandale already say a lot. I believe Jordan will get a scholarship to play in a Division 1 school within the next year and I want to help him accomplish that and go even further.

These two promising players in my eyes will become one of the best athletes in their respective schools and will go on to become even better in the future. I’ll also be choosing many other athletes around the DMV area in the future.