Never Suffer From Unwanted Weight Gain Again

You’re Only Eating It Becasue It’s There

If you work in an office environment, just have a quick look around the desks around you, including your own. I guarantee there will be some form of snack on the desk, whether it be fruit, nuts, crisps or biscuits. Now the thing is, if it’s there then it WILL get eaten.

These get eaten out of habit and out of boredom. Very rarely are they eaten out of genuine hunger, which begs the question: Why put them there in the first place?

The office environment is regarded as one of the most sedentary places of work, as people rarely leave their desks other than for toilet or cigarette breaks. Compound this is with habitual eating, it’s easy to see whilst people can put the lbs on without noticing.

If you’re trying to lose a few lbs or ‘tone up’, then the first thing you need to do is regulate your food intake.

Eating when you aren’t hungry is a sure fire way to pile on unwanted weight, and you probably won’t notice until the damage has been done.

If food is placed in front of you for any length of time, it will get eaten, especially if you put it there yourself.

So my top tips for the office worker are:

1️⃣ Move more — Every 45 mins, if possible try and walk around the office and stretch your legs. Maybe even go for a quick walk up and down the stairs

2️⃣ Prepare — Make sure that you plan and make your food the night before, or even make a few days of food in advance. This way, you are less likely to head to the vending machine for that chocolate bar, or nipping out for a “snack”.

3️⃣ Get out — If you get an hour for your lunch, then why not spend 30 mins of that walking around and getting some air.

4️⃣ Say no — If Sheila from accounts brings cakes in every Friday, then don’t be afraid of saying no from time to time. She won’t be offended of you word it nicely and explain the reason why. In fact, research has shown that people bring cakes into the office not from the goodness of their own heart, but because they feel less guilty about eating cakes when surrounded by others doing the same.

5️⃣ Stand up — More and more offices are getting “active desks”, which mean you stand up and work instead of slouching on a desk chair. Whilst this might not be for everyone, its much better for your posture and you actually use more calories than sitting down.

6️⃣ Water — Keep a 2l water bottle at the side of you and sip it throughout the day. Like the foods that get eaten subconsciously, you will do the same with water, except water has a lot more health benefits. Aim to drink 2–4 litres per day.

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