Why Correcting These 3 Mistakes Could Change Everything



You’ve been training for a while but not seeing the results or making the progress you want, despite following a number of different plans.
You’re thinking you’ve been doing it all right, following various plans you’ve found online by the top professionals, but are starting to think that its just your genetics that are the reason why you’re not where you want to be.
You look back at last years photo’s, and the year before that, and see that despite all of your efforts you haven’t actually changed that much at all.

These are usually the 3 main reasons why:

  • No long term goal
  • No plan of action
  • Lack of consistency

Everyone lives for the short term, wanting results fast. They cant wait to jump onto the next plan, almost wishing the current plan will end so they can move onto the next one.
If you spend 8 weeks bulking aggressively by cramming all the food you can into your mouth, it will only result in you panicking at body fat levels, followed by a 4–6 week cut and then you being disappointment at the end result.

Make some plans

You need to come up with a long term goal that is measurable and achievable. Write it down, and put it a prominent place where you will see it every day.
You then need to break this goal down into smaller goals or targets, which will help you achieve your goal in the given timeframe.
Once you have sorted your long term and short/mid term goals or targets, you need to come up with a plan.
This plan needs to be two things; realistic and sustainable. Don’t follow a plan that you know you wont be able to stick to. This will only result in disappointment.

For example if your goal is to build a body for next summers beach holiday, and you need some more muscle, then you should start planning now. Make sure you set aside a good amount of time to try and build some lean tissue, 16 weeks for example. Then allow another 10 weeks or so at the end to chip away at your body fat levels to show off the results of your hard work.
A small amount of fat gain is inevitable and pretty much unavoidable. Don’t let this stop you from sticking to your plan. Instead, try to accept that it is just part of the process. However to try and keep fat gain to a minimum, remember that you only need a slight calorie surplus. Its not a case of the more food the better. That approach will just lead to more fat gain and a longer “cutting” period at the end.

So, what are your goals?

Leave a comment if you’ve a goal that you’re going to smash!!!