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I wanted to share with you what my campaign — Healthy Herts Food — is all about. Who would like to cook fresh, wholesome meals for their family every day? Are you bored of cooking the same meals every week?

What’s it all about?

We all want to raise happy, healthy kids and strive to cook nutritious meals from scratch every day to feed them, but we are so busy sometimes it is not that easy!

With my first child I religiously pureed organic vegetables (anyone else remember a freezer full of multi-coloured ice cube trays of sweet potato, broccoli and carrot!) However, child number two came along and I am sure he had fish fingers and baked beans as his first solid food…the point is we start off with good intentions, but our busy lives get in the way, and the reality is different.

I am a busy mum of two living in a small village in Hertfordshire My kids are now 8 and 6 and whilst I try very hard to feed them only healthy, nutritious meals sometimes this doesn’t always happen, so I am on a mission to get organised and get the whole family eating fresh, seasonal, nutritious meals made from scratch.

My daughter is a self-confessed ‘fussy eater’, she doesn’t like bread, cheese, crisps (mad I know!) I personally couldn’t live without bread, cheese (and red wine!). My son is a grazer so finding meals that suit them both is tricky.

Every morning I go walking with a group of mums from school (we are lucky enough to have some beautiful woods on our doorstep) and the topic of conversation every day quickly gets round to “what are you cooking for dinner tonight”? We discuss meal ideas and find that we all have the same 5 or so meals in our repertoire that we cook every week (spag bol, cottage pie, some sort of chicken stir fry…)

With Healthy Herts food I am hoping to give you (and me) some inspiration for new family meal ideas that are quick, healthy and delicious that (hopefully!) even the fussiest kids will try.

And I have discovered that if you get the kids involved in preparing and cooking the food they will be more keen to give it a try…so time permitting I will be getting the kids involved in cooking.

Along the way I will also be sharing where we can source fantastic local and seasonal produce in West Herts, such as the local farm shops and farmers markets.

And now we have a mini greenhouse in the garden we are having a go at ‘growing our own’ cucumbers, tomatoes, peppers, sweetcorn, leeks…this is a great way of helping the kids understand where our food comes from and getting them out in the garden helping (the kids are in charge of the daily watering!)

The first few shoots (of the cucumbers at least) are starting to show and the kids are so excited (well actually if I’m honest I am too!) it’s not too late to plant your fruit and veg seeds now…

And any excuse for a lunch or dinner out….. I will be researching and reviewing local restaurants, cafes and pubs focusing on family friendly venues with healthy, nutritious menus to share with you.

Health and fitness go hand in hand so I will also be sharing ideas for great family fun days out that help keep the kids active and getting plenty of fresh air.

So if you would like some inspiration for healthy family meals and ideas for keeping the family active please join me on this journey…


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