How to Encourage Motivated Employees

Workplace motivation is a tricky thing. It’s very easy for employees- and even employers themselves- to fall into the trap of complaining and commiserating with each other every day. After all, misery loves company, and adults tend to find it easier to bond over negativity. As a manager or executive, it is your job to keep your team of employees satisfied with their jobs and motivated to utilize their full abilities each and every day. When it’s much easier to complain about a long meeting than praise a great day of sales, how can you overcome the negative to inspire the positive?

Lead By Example

It may be a cliche, but any person in charge, whether it’s a mother or a CEO, needs to demonstrate the behavior that is desired. You can’t sit behind your desk playing Candy Crush all day but then expect your employees to give 110%. Let your excitement about your company’s goals shine through, and your employees will be far more likely to jump on board. Good moods are infectious!

Communicate Clearly

Few things can shut employees down faster than confusion and nebulous expectations. When workers struggle to understand exactly what they should be doing or how they need to improve, they are more likely to stop putting forth as much effort. Communicate freely, in face-to-face contact, so that you build a relationship with your employees and help them feel comfortable with the working environment. Consistent communication is also the best way to show your appreciation to hard workers.

Support Progress

Employees can’t become stronger, more talented workers overnight, nor can they do it without the proper support and structure. It’s a great idea to provide opportunities for advancement like training and continued education so that your employees can climb the ladder and feel hopeful that they have choices and open opportunities in the future. The more hope an employee feels, the more motivated he will be to work harder to reach that goal.

Insist on Empowerment

Resist the urge to be the only person who can be in charge. Providing your employees with a voice to impact the system is a powerful way to help them feel more motivated to work diligently. Ask for feedback, accept constructive criticism and advice, and thank the people who help you refine your own practices to make your business the best that it can be.

While a box of donuts and coffee in the morning can provide motivation for an hour or two, these strategies can create a workplace culture where all employees truly want to do their best.