Make Room for the Small

I like seasons.

I know in Florida we have to look harder for them. It will still feel like summer for another four months or so. But school is starting back. This is my last Friday off. It feels like a transition, a shift.

This is why I like seasons. They create a natural space to reflect on the life that has been happening all around us. Shifts in our daily rhythms. Words spoken and written down. Tasks completed, new projects started. Friends moving away, and new faces entering our lives. Books started and completed. Adventures and rainy days and crises and text messages and tragedies and laughter and food and sunsets and sunrises. Life never holds still long enough for me to get a good look at it and I am left grasping for words I know but don’t understand.

It think it’s because of the way the small moments add up to shape us into who we are. I’m always looking for big events and big ideas to change me. But life is mostly lived and loved in the small, and I will never be more than five feet tall.

So, as swimsuit advertisements are replaced by pumpkin spice lattes, backpacks and folders are purchased, and I email the freshmen I’ll be advising this year at UT, I will make space to reflect on the small and the large, and notice the good and the bad, like writers do. I am learning to be grateful for this trait, in all my small moments.

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