The big question our youth is asking…Entrepreneurship or Professional Career?

My advice: carry the entrepreneurial spirit on whichever path you choose to take.

As graduates contemplate their next steps in life, a challenging question is racking their already full brains. Start a new business or take a more traditional path? The assumption is that a new business is risky but exciting and the traditional path is safe and boring. Neither is 100% true.

In all actuality, for every individual, the path is but a dirt road and it’s up to each of us to pave our own way. Really, it’s simply about perception. We should always challenge ourselves to think outside of the status quo of pros and cons.

As I mentioned before. Channeling the energies and ambition of the entrepreneur can create what we all need. A mindset that will keep our future leaders from choosing a path that doesn't satisfy their thirsts.

From experience and observance I know that first, Being more entrepreneurial can help build a business or champion tradition. Second, it can develop your strengths and weaknesses no matter what field you choose to master. And third, it will keep you on your toes in a hyper-intense society always looking for more.

So, to graduates I say: don’t be persuaded to start a business or become a doctor if that isn't truly what you want. But, do be entrepreneurial and innovative no matter where you choose to go. Because there are more than 3 great reasons to do so.

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