Hilo Token’s ‘Arb Update’: Infinite Pools and Unlimited Possibilities

1 min readJul 8


With the latest update to the Hilo platform, the horizons of this dApp have expanded exponentially. Thanks to the integration of the Arbitrum chain, which brings about a substantial reduction in fees, users can now revel in the luxury of countless concurrent pools!

The Hilo Binary Prediction platform now boasts an array of endless pools running side by side. Initially, our focus will be on once again hosting the most popular trending tokens, this time with the introduction of simultaneous short pools. This strategic move allows users to fully capitalize on the platform’s reduced fees, enabling them to wholeheartedly engage with the ecosystem through the utilization of the dApp.

This milestone marks a significant turning point in our journey, as it liberates the Hilo ecosystem from the burden of platform fees. Users are now empowered to place bets on multiple pools, claim their winnings, and continue betting, all for a fraction of the cost they previously incurred when making a single prediction.

Welcome to the Hilo platform’s ‘Arbitrum update’: where simultaneous, continuous, and boundless predictions become the new norm. Get ready to witness the Hilo Token ecosystem thrive like never before!