HiLo — Make the market work for you — part 1

When the market is volatile and in the mark-down phase, what moves will you make to ‘beat the bear’? Are you just going to HODL and hope? Will you just chase green candles? These strategies leave traders at the mercy of volatility, and the risk-to-reward is skewed against investors.

$HILO is here to present investors and traders with another option. Introducing $HILO’s binary prediction; a simplified, streamlined concept, based on perpetual futures but improved upon to benefit everyone involved.

Perpetual futures are a realm of trading that is difficult for many to comprehend, and even more so to master. Regardless of your understanding of perpetual futures, the volatility and risk cannot be mitigated; with a single wick, your entire position can be liquidated.

A safer, easier way to make money.

$HILO introduces its binary prediction dApp as a safer and easier way for people to profit in the market. With binary options (High or Low) there is always a 50% chance of winning or losing. No more, no less. On top of this, the volatility of the market is made to work for you!

So what is $HILO? How can we explain this in simple terms?

$HILO is simple in concept and practice. It is betting on the directional momentum of a pool. What does this mean?

For example; an ETH pool might open at $1200. In the first period, traders can place their ‘bets’ using $HILO — there are only two options, High, or Low. After the bets have been placed and the first stage closes, bets are locked in — the pool then goes into its monitoring phase. At the end of this phase, if the price of ETH is higher than when bets were placed, everyone who bet ‘High’ wins! (And any ‘Low’ bets lose). That’s it!

In the rare event that a tokens pool closes at the same price that it opens (+-0%) it’s considered a draw and the $HILO that has been bet by both sides is burned.





$HILO A simplified crypto predictions platform on Ethereum.

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$HILO A simplified crypto predictions platform on Ethereum.