How Facebook Made Me an Atheist
Mike Frederick Ziethlow

Welcome to the fold Mike. lol! Since my late teens I refer to myself as an agnostic. I feel it is a gentler approach. I sure hope there is something after our lives here, but I wouldn’t bet on it. I feel it is something we shouldn’t argue about or fight over as we will never know for sure, til we are dead. Also some people really seem to need it and that is okay if they aren’t hurting anyone else. I also feel strongly that I do not care to follow a “god” that would judge me on whether or not I believe in “him” or whether I am a certain religion. He is then not worthy of my time. If he truly exists, isn’t he going to judge me on who I am and how I treat others?

As far as the credibility of MANY posts, I also check snopes often and have pasted on a few friends posts, the link discrediting what they just posted. That also includes the missing children or sick ones that need the likes and prayers. To keep perpetuating a story of a child or adult that is missing when the case has already been resolved, takes away from the attention we should be giving other missing people. The internet is a wonderful sharing tool, but it is up to us to maintain it’s integrity (and yes there is room for jokes and spoofs), but to perpetually pass along false information is just plain abusing and degrading the experience. Love you Mike!