HJC and the Cornwall Bypass on our one year anniversary.

It’s been 365 days.

On June 28th, 2016 my world got up ended for what seemed to be the umpteenth time that year, I found it hard to believe to be honest, but there it was in bold print and now — like it or lump it, we’d have to deal with it.

And man alive have we been dealing with it…

It’s been a race ever since, attempting communication with government and the municipality, begging for the people in power to hear us, gathering information and trying to the best of our ability to just simply continue doing what we love doing in our community.

Positivity hasn’t always exactly been easy to come by.

Our eyes were opened to a lot of negativity within government and bureaucracy — the way in which they interact with minimal respect or empathy for your situation, as though you are less than, not equivalent to them. That divide is strong: us and them.

A year and our days in court later and my reflection on what we’ve been put through, what we’ve chosen to endure in our fight for equitable compensation, and there is still anger at the injustice. I can still get caught up in the thoughts on repeat: there was no reason for it to end this way — it didn’t have to go this far, had people only been willing to hear us out and work with us… oh yeah, that anger is alive and well.

But there are other things there too…

There is gratitude.

There is community.

There is friendship.

There is family.

There is hope.

The government may not have wanted to hear us, but you did and we have hope that Madam Justice heard us too.

The future is bright and full of possibilities and anger has no place in all of the wonderful things we can build together. The struggle has brought us all together, let’s move forward into the beautiful PEI summer the same way, united.

Happy summer break kiddos and teachers!

I’m going to enjoy ever ounce of it.


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