The easy road, is never the road I choose.

Day 319 of the Cornwall Bypass project…

It’s month 11 of the Cornwall bypass project. 11 months and almost $30,000 of a road, politics, lawyers, professionals, and reporters invading my quiet little life.

In a concerted effort not to slide into the negativity that can accompany the idea that the government now owns what you and your family built to house a dream you’ve entertained since you were 15 (20 years in case anyone was interested in the math) — I’ve been referring to what we’ve been dealing with as interesting.

I can’t seem to find another word.

It’s interesting that HJC exists solely to help our community and make it better and that that seemingly has no value to our government or when making your case in the legal system. Fact: the good work you do does not translate into goodwill.

I find it interesting that my newly found Facebook Friend Paula Biggar has blocked me on twitter. Mind you, she said some pretty interesting things in a really interesting tone which she may just not want me to be interested in. Oh Paula! Sweetie, I took a screen shot (like I did with all of the comments you sent me) ages ago! No worries hun, my opinion of you hasn’t changed.

I also find it interesting to hear the government (including my friend Paula) speak out of both sides of their mouths when talking about mental health. One minute bragging about good news stories and their various efforts to imporove mental health and the next lowballing and running over our service, which is it? **Check out #HowManyWade if you think the PEI governemnt is succeeding in their mental health efforts.**

The gathering of evidence for our arbitration is also proving quite interesting. Our case is solid without the emotional argument of at risk youth and yet Wade’s government won’t talk with us… there has been no mediation and not really even a negotiation, straight to the arbitration we go…

It’s also really interesting to note that I have approximately 12 weeks left of living my dream with all of you before I have to decide if HJC can continue or; if I have to sell off everything I own, including the horses who have served me and my clients faithfully for a decade, and say goodbye to all of you and what I’ve been building for 9 years.

I find it interesting trying to figure out how to work with my clients through summer camps. 8 year olds learning they may never be able to come back and that the horses they love may no longer be able to offer them comfort. Turning that experience into the best one possible — so they have the happiest memories of their summer at HJC moving forward.

Needless to say I’m learning a lot more than I bargained for in starting a program to teach life skills to high risk youth.

I’m learning my own life skills too.

I’ve been begging people to hear me since June of last year. No one was listening and here we are, my claims to psychic powers still intact. We are in the position I foretold, and was trying to avoid.

It sucks being right on this one.

We did everything we could and yet here we are, waiting and preparing for our upcoming day in court late this June, almost a year to the day after the government made their announcement. How? Why? Because of the egos of people in power, politics and misinformation getting in the way of equitable and realistic negotiations.

So, how do we grow from this?

Look guys, I take hard roads, I should have warned you this road I put us on wasn’t going to be easy. It’s in my nature to take the road less travelled, I always have and the only reason I can gather (apart from being a sucker for punishment) is that you learn more on the hard roads than you do on the easy ones.

The lessons are harder too. Growing isn’t easy. It’s hard and painful at times and yet always necessary if you want to improve. I know this experience and all of you are helping me to improve.

I’m not the same person I was in 2008 and I’m beyond grateful for that.

If I knew how hard this would be, if I knew I’d only get 9 years of this and all of you and it would end — I’d still do it. I’d still be sitting right here happy and grateful for the journey we got to go on together.

A friend and I had lunch last week — she reminded me that since she’s known me I’ve never known how to take the easy road. I rarely do anything in a straightforward manner. We met in day-care, I guess she should know…

The hardest journeys net the greatest rewards friends… People all over the world are doing much harder things. They are getting through this and so will we. We are and will continue to be — better for the experience.

I was frustrated today, I still am really and yet I realize that the biggest breakthroughs come after your deepest frustrations, particularly when you are walking those hard roads.


Stay strong — the work has just begun.

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