It IS Happening HERE and NOW:Trump and The Nationalist Capitalist Party:

We have seen this playbook before. It is no exaggeration to call Donald J Trumps Inaugural Address for what it is; an assault on constitutional democracy and a call for an American Fascist state. He is not calling for a change in policy or party, but in our form of government.

Trump has declared himself the sole arbitrator of truth, the national interest, free speech and legitimate dissent. By declaring a national state of “carnage” and the invasion of “illegals “and a global state of “job theft”, and rampant “terrorism” Trump makes the case for conceding to him exceptional powers such that only he, Donald J. Trump, can legitimately save America. To oppose or even question his vision or his “facts” is to be unpatriotic, even treasonous, and to stand in the way of “Making America Great Again”. There is no two party system in his world, only one “patriotic”, Nationalist Capitalist Party with him at its head. His cabinet of billionaires and generals precisely fits this vision whose legitimacy rests on their abilities to “get the job done”, “protect us” and subvert those very public institutions and agencies founded to serve us.

Trump’s promise is not simply to reverse the policies of his elected predecessors, but to reverse all laws, norms, regulations, and statutes and fire all individuals that stand in his way. This is a man who has never held elected office, has avoided military service, games the tax laws, makes only self serving charitable donations, elicits interventions of a foreign adversary, encourages physical assault on his adversaries, stiffs his contractors, incurred numerous harassment and business suits, filed multiple bankruptcies, infidelities, and throughout his business career has acted as a bully and autocrat. This man is constitutionally incapable of acting as an elected President. He has and will always be an autocrat. Yet the media feels obligated to see him not as he is, but as he purports to be. There is a pattern to his behavior, it is the playbook of the demagogue who has his own set of facts, blames his failings on his opponents, and consolidates power through intimidation and grandiosity.

History never quite repeats itself but we are getting very close. The 1930s was a period of excess, disintegration, and reintegration. It was a time of existential threats to the fundamental values of democracy by the Communist Left and the Fascist Right. Thanks in no small measure to President Franklin Delano Roosevelt America narrowly escaped the fate of some European democracies. Yet now we have a President Trump invoking Charles Lindberg’s America First Movement as the model to follow. Lindberg admired the rise of strongman leaders who could get the trains to run on time, purge the doubters and build armies and provide a triumphal vision of a future of nationalistic exceptionalism. Trump too is a fan, having tweeted Mussolini’s quote, “It is better to live one day as a lion than 100 years as a sheep.”

It is not surprising that Trump’s election should find praise and celebration in the countries of autocratic leaders — Russia, Syria, North Korea, Turkey, Poland, Serbia, Rumania, Philippines, Hungry, They all recognize one of their kind and can readily imagine a new axis of power with America as an improbable ally. Trump has not just taken America off course and out of character; he is on course to replacing American Constitutional Democracy altogether with a Fascist Nationalist Capitalist Party.

The role of Putin and the Russian hackers and financiers, the Alt Right’s gerrymandering of congressional districts, and FBI Director James Comey’s last minute finger on the electoral scale, all make this not an election but a Putsch. We have until the 2018 mid term elections before it could permanent

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