Puranas, we consider as archaic and supernatural. But, what if these so-called archaic ‘Puranas’ described the facts and technological prosperity of the ancient past. What if, what we call supernatural was never supernatural to our ancestors.

“Attack! Attack! Fire!” said the general. I was stirred. What just happened? I was sucked back to my world. A moment ago I saw light. Immense light. Sun falling onto earth. People being evaporated. I woke up just before… How? I was sure that it was no present age. I could see forms which were beyond description. A strange familiarity, I could find in these forms. I saw a mushroom cloud. Mushroom cloud?! Impossible. I rushed to my historian and meta-physicist friend, Dr. Christopher. Metaphysics had always been the topic of discussion between us. I explained the light, the strange forms, the mushroom cloud and all the strangely familiar things I saw to him. Christopher was not surprised. He started, “In the early morning of July 16, 1945 the US military and many scientists tested in the state of Mexico, something which could shake the earth. A weapon. A nuclear bomb. First of its kind to be tested in the recent past. Viewing stations were located at a distance of about 10–20 miles away from the bombing site as precautionary measures. The blast was so intense that the fireball was about 600 feet wide and had an effect 20000 times more than TNT”. I sat amazed and dumbfound. “The mushroom cloud rose to about 7 miles in height”. Ah! The mushroom cloud. Christopher continued with a superior smile.”Reverberations could be heard to about 100 mile away from the explosion site”. I cursed the inventor of such a device which did no good to the world.” This even left the inventor Dr. J. Robert Oppenheimer shaken and terrified. He, with great pain and grief expressed that he had become a destroyer of the world”, Christopher said. Haha.. What an irony!

But I just couldn't relate my dream’s time frame to this technology and I demanded my friend an answer. Christopher asked me to patient and he continued, “Descriptions of similar deadly occurrences could be found in the very same text Dr.Oppenheimer quotes to after the Mexican incident. The Bhagavadgita, a 100000 verse text which contains the stories about the ancient empire of Rama”. Now, things started making slight sense. But I didn't interrupt. He never liked that. He says that it spoils the illusion, at which he is unquestionably good. “This text describes the usage of flying chariots then and the incredible technological capabilities of that age. Incredible weapons of mass destruction and fatal consequences were used in the wars then as the text says. There are evidences which prove the usage of nuclear weapons in those times. Brahmasthra, was one, of that kind.” I just couldn't resist my excitement. I had to stop him. Now everything made perfect sense. But such a technology then, left me aghast. It made more sense when he said,”This text describes the disastrous effects of this deadly weapon on human life. It is said that after the explosion, people started losing their hair and their nails started to fall off.”

Christopher was ready with set of records. He showed the images of the sites of…”In 1922, an Indian archaeologist discovered the sites of Mohenjodaro civilisation.” Yeah. Mohenjodaro.

“When the ruins were discovered in the 1920's in Mohenjodaro, forty four skeletons were found lying in the streets with their faces down, many holding hands. Their faces and body position suggested that they had suffered a sudden violent death. There were many unanswered questions hovering over these incidents. Why didn't the animals scavenge the remains? Why didn't the bones decay?” Why? “Later , the archaeologists and the scientists found increased level of radiation all over the site. A British researcher had claimed to have found a 50 yard epicentre of an explosion at Mohenjodaro.” Unbelievable.

Dr. Lambert explained ,”A phenomenon called vitrification was observed at the epicentre.” Me, out of curiosity was compelled to stop him and ask what ‘Vitrification’ was. “ Vitrification is the process in which regular type stone melts into magma state and it hardens again and feels like glass” said Dr. Lambert, “This phenomenon was observed even at the Mexican test site”. We took a break. I had to recall all the information he gave me. Because I started to lose track of this complex strange incidents. Enthusiastic Chris continued, “It is said that three cities made of three different metals orbited around the earth. Once, these three cities went for war with each other and it is said that fire came like rain on earth.” I even forgot to bid farewell to my friend when I returned. I was lost in the ancient past.

I returned home. I left poor. Not in terms of riches, but because of my inability to see what I had. These epic scriptures are like an elephant in a room which we don’t notice because it’s always there. We have the resources, but rarely utilise them. The world we call super-advanced, might not had been super-advanced enough, for our ancestors. The earth herself has a story to tell which I and we need to listen and assimilate.Our nation has been in the forefront in importing the ideas blindly from West mainly because of its centuries old indoctrination by colonial rulers, which has inculcated in us a feeling that anything Western is good and anything Indian is inferior. Even, I'm a victim of that diseased mindset. Hence, primarily we need to attain mental freedom to achieve any other sort of liberty which is possible only if we are willing to see the elephant inside my room, your room.

Originally published at harikrishnansurendran.blogspot.in.

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