App Concept

For our app we wanted to make a questionnaire-type game where the participant would answer questions and then we would reveal what type of person they are, or what they might do in a particular situation. We wanted to be able to reveal something to the participant

These are the different sources I looked at to research this topic:

  • we want to make questions that make you think, rather than giving you an obvious answer
  • perhaps psychological questions, what colour you pick tells you something about your personality?
  • something that stays with you after you’ve completed the test
  • google, capitalist forcing you to look at things by using adverts

images found that would be helpful when researching into quizzes:

Group meeting

*research visual DNA quiz*

discussed brand and the power of advertising and finding information about you through information you give on websites such as facebook google searches etc

afraid that doing this we are just telling people what they already know in the way that a pop up comes when you look at certain things, felt we would just be doing the same thing that google does

  • only relate it to students — felt that it is too suggestive, as most things would be about partying/studying stereotyppical aspects of student life and that they would have obvious answers and outcomes to the things you select and choose fro the selecion of possibilities in front of you.
  • public V private — the idea of having this test as an installation and as an app to compare the results that we would accumilate from users taking the test in private and users taking the test when they have an audience of people, are they honest about their true selves or are they just picking the option that makes them look the coolest and what they want to be seen as rather than who they actually are.
  • questions and answers are going to be light hearted as we don’t know a lot obout psychology, we are not psychology students, make it perhaps and obvious and stereotypical? or not?
  • for brand/customer profiling to see what you are suited to companies look at demographics, customer profiles etc

After a lot of research into this area, we decided to change the direction of our quiz to something a little simpler and light-hearted. The reason for our change in our direction is because we are media technicians not psychologists, we couldn’t accurately research hundreds of different personality traits, and also the work would not be primary research so we couldn’t present an accurate profiles of people or present new information that would be helpful to an individual, so we decided to look at the effects of media and new technology.

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