App Development1

I built the app from scratch (i missed out the first steps screenshots) but left is an image of work on the actionscript for the first few frames of the app, after I imported the photogshop drawings and drew out the rest of the shapes and layout of the homepage of the app.

working through the coding of all 30 frames (currently on frame 11):

Finding sound files on royalty-free sound site to add to the app, i was looking for the perfect sound to use whilst the animation of the brain was filling up

Adding extra layers of code to the frames to create instructions for the movieclips that I added underneath all of the frames, ensuring that the correct buttons produced the correct image at the end

creating invisible buttons to tap to go to the next frame/page:

Creating the animation for the brain by animating a white box between two layers of drawing (one empty and one coloured)

Creating the different sections for the questions:

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