Designing the app

As I am not a graphic design student and don’t specialise in drawing and illustrator and creating vector designs, I did some research into the different kinds of designs that are used within apps:

This sort of design of app would suit a fashion/photography/dinner app for luxury products and information about elegant things? not a sort of design for a fun/easygoing/quick app

minimalist and creative looking app design for a phone background, with small button menus — this makes the viewer concentrate on the design of the drawing/vector

Colour block app designs:

Above: Both of these apps above were quite useful to look at as the designs are slick and colourful and leave room for clear multiple choice buttons on the screen which is what I am looking for with my app.

Above: I looked at various different designs for making buttons and symbols to start to think about what buttons and icons to use for interaction within the app, I feel that the icons on above right work especially well due to the tones of the colours and also the shadows underneath the icons which make them stand out.

Below is more research of different apps that I have looked at:

After looking at research for different apps I drew out a simple design that would suit our kind of app, taking inspiration from the research and paying attention to the colour block designs with different tones, paired with white text on top for a clean look

The design below is a simple basic design for the question/answer page of the app.

This next drawing below is a design for the main home page:

below are the first drawings I created on photoshop designing the brain:

These preliminary drawings were to create a basic shape of a brain using circles, and then creating a design within these shapes to make a new and modern design

I used adobe Kuler to create a colour palette for the brain:

development of the drawing: