Pure Data

Example of pure data taken from google images:

Pure data info

Visual programming language, designed for musicians/visual artists: shows code graphically without having to type in action script.

You can build interfaces that can be used to control sound

Max Msp is a commercial version of Pure Data

  • **Download Pure Data Extended*** — additional libraries built in
  • en.flossmanuel.net/puredata

intro to graphical programming — basically like a flow chart you’re building

you can’t store audio/video/arduino, use it with arduino, you use pure data to control the video/sound — e.g it could have been used with the red stripe advert

look at Dev art site — online exhibition of art using code:

When you open pure data — (downloaded) — main menu — output info — error messages

Canvas — patch — electronics — making physical bits of hardware

made up of box-cord-box for different commands

the options such as rotation can be shaped with arduino

can have video mix/ changing

  • connect to arduino, have person walking towards and fades to different video
  • To declare — system interactive is to endorse it with magical power — Espen Aarseth
  • - quality we can’t see but we can experience
  • a news website is more interactive than newspaper, seen as ‘added value, distinguishing feature between old media and new media

Lev Manovich ‘tautology’