Get Prepared For Exams — By Playing Games and Studying Online

As much as I don’t want to admit it, exam season’s coming up. But, don’t fret — we’re in this together. Thanks to the digital age, students can create study tools online to share with each other and study together. One such tool is Quizlet, which has its basic features free to use.

Quizlet’s App Logo

Quizlet has both an app and a website to use. I chose to use the website, and decided to check out what features were available to me. The first thing I did was browse the several options, and settled on creating a study set that I can share.

A screenshot of Quizlet

As pictured, you just have to input the necessary information and you’re good to go. I went with the option to input terms and their definitions, and there’s even the choice to add in a picture to the definition — perfect for visual learners.

Screenshot of Quizlet’s Study Options

Once you’ve put in all the information, your study set is finished. As shown above, there are several ways for you to study. You can choose something basic, such as reading flashcards. There are also options to play games; my personal preference is the “Match” option.

A Match game using terms

This is a screenshot of my Match game, which allows you to drag the terms and their definitions onto each other to score points. It allows you to interact with the study space, and keep practicing until you can match them all as quickly as possible, as there is a timer shown.

For fellow students enrolled in EID100, here is my Quizlet review on some key terms. Feel free to try it out, and good luck on those exams!

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