Finally, 1$ can buy Tesla stock with this app

Hello guys! How are you doing? I hope you are ok :) Don’t be stressed and be happy :)

BTW many days ago I watched many videos on TikTok. Sometimes I have spare time and spend it with scroll TikTok as always. I know it isn’t productive at all. But sometimes I want to know what happens on TikTok.

And I found something new and make me shock!

What is that??

Yes! I can buy stock from great companies such as like Tesla, Google, Facebook, Apple, etc.

And you can start only with 1 Dollar. WTF.

How can??

I use Gotrade to buy big company stock with 1 USD.

Is Gotrade a scam?

Absolutely No! Gotrade is the app that provides buy and sell stock. This app comes from Singapore. Currently has 100K investors from around the world. You can download Gotrade on Playstore (Android User) and Appstore (iPhone User)

Who are the people who develop Gotrade ?

You can find them on this page Gotrade Team. They come with various backgrounds. I was shocked because a lot of them were from Indonesia.

Why we should use Gotrade to buy stock?

I think I have some reasons why i have this. I am not a part of marketing from Gotrade. So my purpose to write this is to give a review and share my experience with Gotrade. Here are the reason why we should use Gotrade to buy stock :

A. Easy registration and get bonuses

Gotrade itself has an easy registration mechanism. You can register using your gmail. However, it should also be noted, because this application is a stock trading application, identity verification is required.

This identity verification includes a telephone number and identification. Don’t be surprised if you are asked for a photo of your ID card and also a selfie. After registration is complete, you will immediately get 2 USD which can be used to buy the shares you want.

B. Very easy payment

Before buying shares, you are required to make a deposit. Specifically for Indonesia, there are 4 banks that can direct transfers, namely BCA, BNI, Mandiri, and BRI. If you don’t use one of the 4 banks above, you can use a digital wallet.

There are 2 digital wallets that support Gotrade deposits, namely Gopay and Dana. You can deposit starting from 1 USD or Rp. 14,000. The deposit will come after 3 working days.

How about another country. Guys you can read the direction about deposit and withdrawal on their website.

C. Supply hundreds of shares of global companies

Not dozens but Gotrade provides more than a thousand shares of global companies. So you have to be really careful in choosing your first stock in this application. Starting from shares with sharia concept, information technology shares, game company shares, pharmaceutical stocks, everything is available.

D. Convenient and easy-to-understand design

The Gotrade application has an elegant appearance. When you enter you will immediately see the portfolio that you have. Now you can explore stock prices by clicking the search icon with a magnifying glass image



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