Be Brave

I really enjoyed watching the movie Seven Angry Men, I’ve never seen it before and i thought it was very interesting. I wish they told what actually happened at the end, but I guess that’s what makes it a good movie, it keeps you thinking. I found it very interesting that they still weren’t exactly sure if he was innocent or not but they all agreed he was innocent.

I was very impressed that the one man changed everyone’s decision. That’s a hard thing to do. In class we talked about Groupthink. Which is when people will just agree with what the group think so they won’t stand out. In this case the one guy didn’t care about whether he fit in with the group. He cared more about doing what he thought was right. Which is a really good quality to have. In class we watched an experiment where they had one volunteer in a room with other people that were part of the experiment. All the people part of the experiment would purposely give the wrong answer to the questions they were asking. And more often than not the volunteer would just agree with them even though they knew the answer was wrong. Sometimes we want to fit in so bad that we will go against what we think is right. Its better to be brave and stand up for what’s right like the guy in the movie did than just go with what everyone else is saying.

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