Conflict Management

Conflict is a huge part of our everyday life. It is important to be able to identify conflict and more importantly be able to resolve conflict. In class we looked at three characteristics of conflict, incompatible goals, interdependence, and interaction. We also learned the different phases of conflict, latent, perceived, felt, manifest, and aftermath. In every conflict there is a specific order in which is plays and a certain way it can be resolved. There are different types of management styles, competition, collaboration, compromise, accommodation, and avoidance. Each one of us deals with conflict differently and we fall into one or more of these conflict management styles. I would say i am a mix between collaboration, compromise, and accommodation. I like to work together as a group, collaboration, and get the job done how everybody wants it done. I will also compromise my way if someone really want to do it their way, which is also accommodation, sacrificing my way to accommodate others. Knowing what type of management style you use is very important because we work with people all the time and have to deal with conflicts. When a conflict comes up we need to recognize it and deal with it accordingly.

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