We Can Do It

We all have emotions. We’ve all had those days where we just want to go home, but usually we can’t. We have to fight through our emotions, put on a happy face, and get through the day or the shift. Jobs that require you to put a “happy face” on are jobs that require emotional labor. Workers are expected to display certain feelings in order to satisfy organizational role expectations. An example of a job that requires emotional labor is a waitress, waiter and waitress have to put on there happiest of faces and go by the rule the costumer is always right. If a waitress wants to get good tips she must be in a happy an upbeat mood the entire shift. There are two types of emotional labor. The first is surfacing acting where they are just pasting on a smile, usually as a waitress is. They don’t really want to refill your drink for the seventh time but they’ll put on a smile and do it anyways. The other emotional labor is deep acting where the person is actually sympathizing with a clients stress. An example of this type of emotional labor would be a doctor, they have to sympathize with their patients because they know what they are going through and have to care about each patient. We all have to deal with our emotions and sometimes this can be too overwhelming.

Stressors are the reason we get so overwhelmed and finally burnout. Stressors are environmental factors that are difficult for an individual to deal with. Burnout is the result of the strain of too many ongoing stressors. Burnout isn’t just a saying its a real term and there are physiological, attitudinal, and organizational results of burnout. Some effects are heart disease, high blood pressure, lower job satisfaction, less commitment, and turnover. We’ve all been burnt out on something some time in our life. Sometimes we get so overwhelmed we just can’t take it anymore. It’s important to be able to cope with all of our stressors in life and take some time to relax.

We all have stressors and emotions running through heads all the time. We have busy lives, things going on all around us. Even though it gets hard at times, just remember we can get through them.