Standing with a Giant

Randle P. McMurphy stood next to an Indian


But it was the Irishman who stood taller

And showed Chief Bromden the courage

To acknowledge his physical size

And inspire resilience against his fears

To face those fears

And become the giant he is

To break free and escape the ward.

I've faced doubts and insecurities

And find myself giving up more n more

More than I should..

during this pivotal life change

But like Chief Bromden

I needed a force that exemplified the best

Of what it meant to be human and

Even in the face of her own human struggles

She showed:

How to be assertive!

How to be confident and smoooth

And vocal and PROUD!

And stand Tall

Like “The Pine that Stands Tallest on the mTn”

Before he was emasculated-

And like Randle P. McMurphy

With his booming voice

And Laughter! that echoed across the ward

And made Nurse Ratched cringe..

At the mutiny manifesting in her dustless ward

Her laughter and swagger

Made MY doubts cringe at the mutiny

Of growth and change and security

At my own mounting confidence

So cheers!

to standing next to my own R.P McMurphy

Cheers! to my best friend Noretta

For making me a Giant

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