Now that a lot of moves have begun to be officialized, the SuperLega A1 continues to cement itself as one of the most talent-filled leagues in the world. During the off-season, there are always some teams that do better than others when it comes to signing and bringing in new talents to their team. Here in The SpikeNet, we decided to break those moves down and choose what 3 teams have done the best so far this off-season.

#3 Lube

It doesn’t seem like they did much given that they already had a championship-caliber team but at the same time they did manage to keep it together after losing Bruno Rezende. Signing Luciano DeCecco makes them stay at the level they set themselves to be since last year. DeCecco is one of the top setters in the world and we’ve already gotten a chance to see him play alongside Robertlandy Simon. Keeping the Cuban trio together (Yoandy Leal/Osmany Juantorena/Robertlandy Simon) despite the salary reductions implemented league-wide was definitely a total win for them. They also added opposite Jan Hadrava who was named the best payer in the Czech Republic in 2018. This gives the team depth as they could potentially play around with who hits out of the right side as they also have Kamil Rychlicki who did an extraordinary job for them last season. Finally, they added some young talent with Cuban prospect Marlon Yant who is currently 19 and shows a lot of promise.


Piacenza turned a lot of heads this off-season. They managed to acquire one of the most reliable arms to be hitting down the right side, Georg Grozer. Grozer hasn’t played in Italy since 2008 but has been a standout in Russia for years now. Let’s not forget this man is a machine from the service line. Piacenza also added Aaron Russell to their roster which has been a very consistent player in the Italian Championship for the past few years now. He has been both a SuperLega A1 champ and a World Club Champ/MVP during his years in Italy. Coming back to the club is Trevor Clevenot who is one of the smartest outside hitters out there. Has a high volleyball IQ and will compliment Aaron Russell very well. Another piece that can help a lot is James Shaw. Although Piacenza has introduced him as a hitter, it is definitely a good thing to have a player who can set and hit at a high level in your roster. This team finished #10 in the standings last year, but with these additions, it is safe to say they’ll make a significant climb.

#1 Itas Trentino

Trentino is a team that has been within the top 4 teams in the SuperLega A1 the past few years but has failed to make it all the way to the end. This year things might be different. They’ve put all of their trust in Gianelli to run their offense and nobody is going to argue against that. Now the big changes around him could definitely give this team the boost it needs. For this upcoming season, they’ve managed to add Nimir Abdel-Aziz to their roster. Nimir finished as the top scorer of the SuperLega A1 with 458 points. They did lose their outside hitter duo (Uros Kovacevic and Aaron Russell) but managed to acquire Olympic Gold Medalist Ricardo Lucarelli and SuperLega A1 top 10 scorer Dick Kooy to compliment him. To top things off they added Marko Podrascanin who finished #8 last season in blocks per set. Podrascanin will play across from his national team teammate Srecko Lisinac who happened to be the #1 blocker in the league last season. One last thing they took care of was filling the gap Jennia Grebennikov left when leaving to Modena with Salvatore Rossini. In terms of talent, people might consider it some sort of a downgrade, but Rossini is still one of the top liberos in the world with a lot to offer. These moves give Trentino a whole new look. It gives them a more offensive-minded personality which will be fun to watch this upcoming season.

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