Matt West H.N.A

How I fell in love with the sport, Volume.1

I was surrounded by volleyball from an early age. I was a gym rat for the first couple years of my life. My parents are both coaches, coaching at the community college and owning their own club in Seattle. My mother was and olympian and my father played at the intercollegiate level. That being said volleyball was in my blood and it was a part of my everyday life whether I wanted it to be or not.

I had fun being around all the girls and people in the gym. They spent more time teaching me the game then my parents did. Everyone enjoys spending time with young people and the athletes were adamant about teaching me how to pepper and being apart of practices, whether it was shagging balls or just being around. I didn’t start playing organized volleyball until I was 12 and by that point my mother had given me an ultimatum. I used to walk into practice with street shoes and jeans on and start hitting balls.

One day my mom pulled me aside and said “if you don’t have gym wear you can’t play.” So, for the next two weeks i refused to be apart of any practice I stayed home and then one day Iwent and bought a pair or shoes put on some shorts and went back to the gym. At that point i knew I was hooked and I didn’t want to be anywhere else in the world but the gym…

Matt West.