What extracurricular activities look good on your college application?

Trying to assemble a solid resume for your college application? Below are some thoughts about what activities may look good to potential colleges and universities:

1. Participate in things about which you are passionate.
It may sound like a good idea to join every club that your school offers in an effort to beef up your resume, but sometimes less is more. Consider joining fewer clubs and focus on the ones that really peak your interest. Maybe pick something that focuses on growing one of your strengths. Maybe pick something that challenges you in a way that will better you in your other areas of your focus. Whatever you choose, be sure it reflects your passions and interests. It may sound corny, but colleges are looking for a driven student that is going to follow their career dreams to the fullest, and this is a great way to showcase your commitment!
2. Look into service opportunities.
Joining groups that focus on service is a big signal to potential colleges that you are willing to step outside of your comfort zone to help others. It also exemplifies some attributes that many colleges are looking for: maturity and concern for the community. It is not necessary to go overboard, but again try to focus on a few significant service commitments that interest you.
3. Take a leadership role.
This one is a major key. Anybody can join a club and add it to their resume. Only students with initiative take on a leadership role. This not only shows potential schools that you are passionate about a particular organization, but also that you are willing to step up to the plate and accept more responsibility. Remember, when selecting their incoming classes, colleges are looking for bright, motivated students who will represent their school well long after they leave campus!