FREE Reflection Worksheet

An interactive reflection worksheet compiled by the Holstee Team: it covers the good, the bad, our relationships and where we want to go in 2016.

Download your free copy and take some time to set your intentions for the new year.

This year at Holstee we got together as a team and gathered a list of questions to help us reflect on the past year.

It covers the good, the bad, the relationships, the habits, and then gives us some thought starters on where to get started in 2016.

Download the 2015 Reflection Worksheet. We have made this available as a free download! Get yours here.

Already one of our Mindful Art Subscribers? No need to print it out, you’re getting it in the mail! We printed out a pocket-friendly copy of this reflection worksheet to compliment January’s art and prompt!

We hope you enjoy going through and answering the questions as much as we did.

Wishes you all the best in the new year,

Mike and the Holstee Team

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