Open the heart and purify the mind: the secrets of evolution.

The human being walks with two feet, literally and metaphorically. The feet of the metaphor are the two faculties that define us: the rational or mental, and the intuitive or spiritual.

They correspond to what scientists refer to as the left hemisphere and right hemisphere of the human brain, one more identified with our rational capacity, the other with our intuitive ability.

The imbalance between these two faculties is a disease that causes suffering and destruction.

What is the purpose of each of them?

Stars, like the Sun, also have two faculties or qualities that I will use as an example to answer this question.

A star is a mass of hydrogen atoms exploding, which thanks to the force of gravity, is contained in the fireball we see instead of becoming a huge instantaneous explosion.

It is a constant explosion, compressed in the circumference that we see from Earth, and thanks to which there is life on Earth.

Our mental capacity is the matter and explosion of that star, which allows the Sun to exist, warm and shine. Our intuitive ability, or consciousness, is the force of gravity (intangible, invisible), which allows that explosion to be contained, and not simply become a great destructive and instantaneous explosion.

What is love? What do I mean by opening the heart?

When I speak of love, I am not talking about falling in love with one another. I speak of the wisdom that consists in intuiting the connection between everything that exists, our connection and interdependence with everything. As being part of everything, we are everything.

In this understanding, falling in love with a partner is not something that “arises”, it is rather something that is lost.

When you fall in love with someone, what you really do is lose the veil that did not allow you to see the beauty and perfection of that person, and the connection that always existed with it, as with everything that exists.

In the same way, you can fall in love with everything and everyone, for love is the absolute reality, falling in love is seeing that universal reality, in some specific being.

By loving another, you are loving yourself because you are the other, being part of the ALL.

That is why I mean “opening the heart”, in two senses: the literal, speaking of the organ whose cells are proven to function as neurons that receive more subtle, intuitive information, which allows us to feel the connection with other people and animals. And in the metaphorical sense, to expand a faculty: that of feeling, or consciousness, or spirit, or soul. The power to love.

That is why loving and feeling compassion is the wisest and most intelligent act: it is simply to feel the connection of everything that exists, and the reward of feeling that connection is to feel how everything loves you back. This is called Enlightenment, Nirvana, Kingdom of the Heavens.

This state of consciousness has many names depending on tradition, but it is the same. It is the complete vision, seeing things as they really are, wisdom. That is why all fear, hatred and suffering does not really exist, they are illusions that live in our mind.

I prefer to call it Cosmic Consciousness, as Richard M. Bucke defined it, and is the third of three types of consciousness: the simple (plants and animals), the individual (the general of humans) and the cosmic (exception of the humans), a new faculty that the human race acquires by the evolution and that is characterized by:

1. the human being understands that the universe is not an inert machine but a living presence

2. that the universe is in essence and infinitely good tendency

3. that individual existence continues beyond what we call death

4. obtains a greater capacity to learn and to undertake

What is the mind? What do I mean by purifying the mind?

The mind is a tool, or faculty that humans have to foresee problems, and solve them.

For this it is necessary to have a memory that allows us to learn from the past, and imagination to anticipate the future.

The mind then uses memory and imagination to learn and anticipate.

However, the mind learns in two ways: through one’s own experience and through the experience of others or teachings. We will refer to this as “programming”.

For the moment let us stay with this:

1. The mind is a tool (and therefore observable)

2. That tool can be effective or distressing

3. To make it effective we must observe and purify it

4. The best technique for purifying it is meditation

How do the mind and heart relate?

Once the mind is purified, it allows us to feel and receive the pure information of the universe that enters through our spiritual or conscious capacity. That pure and real information is what we know as love.

This will allow us to use the mind in a conscious way. That is, to give to the power of the mind an end or use that comes from the heart.

In the current context in which technology (physical extension of the mind) has developed exponentially, we have a foot much larger than the other.

Restoring balance is fundamental for the survival of our species, in a planetary context.

Continuing to use our minds unconsciously will only bring suffering and destruction, in forms that are apparently not human, such as global warming, but which are a consequence of our unconsciousness.

Instead, as we consciously learn to use our minds, we will fulfill our natural purpose: to be happy and protect life, to one day allow all beings on Earth to be liberated from suffering, and to find peace.

The choice is of the individuals, the responsibility as well.

Written by INLA

Art by Caterine Petrisor

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