The Globalization of Spirituality

Art by Philipp Igumnov

The human being has two faculties: the mental and the intuitive, or spiritual. The development of the history of man in the last few millennia has been to a great extent the development of his mental faculty (and his technology as an extension of the mind).This has provoked a very mental or rational humanity, with a very little spiritual or conscious aspect. The symptoms of this imbalance are human suffering at the individual level, wars at the species level, and global warming at planetary level.

In the last century, mind and its derivatives shared by all or many peoples (the idea of ​​enterprise, money, capital, commerce, institutional education, republican and democratic governments) are already part of the global culture. If we were not Earthlings, and study the history of man, as mentioned by Yuval Noah Harari in his book Sapiens, we would arrive at the certain conclusion that humanity is in a clear tendency towards globalization.

In that new humanity, everything we have in common will unite us, and our differences will help us maintain our individuality.

Can we also globalize our spiritual aspect?

Globalizing spirituality means reaching agreement on universal, non-sectarian principles that live within all spiritual traditions.

They must correspond to human nature, and the aspects that we can detach from it through personal experience. They must lack any belief based on anything but experience.

They should also be directed towards the evolution of the individual, to the elimination of the suffering of all sentient beings, and to harmonious coexistence between humans, and between humans, plants and animals.

These principles may be as follows:

1. Love yourself and pursuit your evolution

Everything must start from oneself, to be well with others it is necessary to be well with oneself. To help others, you must first be well. We can not give what we do not have.

2. Love others and seek their evolution

To love others is to love yourself. If we all seek the good of all, human and animal suffering would be eradicated from the Planet in a few days, self-suffering included. Which means that to love others and seek their good, is to ensure your own good.

3. Do not do to others (including plants and animals) what you would not want them to do to you

This is a basic moral principle, which includes other principles such as not stealing, not killing, not lying.

The suffering we inflict on animals is a type of energy. This energy does not evaporate when the animal dies, it only changes its shape. The collective consciousness of all sentient beings on Earth is also affected by animals and their suffering.

4. Look at your mind and give it a conscious intention to your product: technology

Learning to observe the mind, to stop identifying with it, is fundamental to eliminate one’s own suffering, and later help eliminate the suffering of others.

All suffering is an illusion, which originates with a false appreciation of reality, or ignorance, regarding a completely natural and universal principle:

The Principle of Impermanence, which means that everything changes, all the time. Understanding this principle at the subconscious level, eliminates the attachment to things or people, and allows us to enjoy the only thing that really exists: the eternal present.

By observing the mind and ceasing to identify with our desires or aversions, we will cease to play the ego game that has caused so much suffering and destruction to all sentient beings on Planet Earth.

Technology is not only created by the human mind, it is also an extension of it. Just as the mind can be used consciously or unconsciously, so can technology. Using technology in a conscious way is fundamental to ensure our survival and that of the Planet.

5. Take care of your individual physical body

We really are what we eat. Eating well will create harmony within us, and happiness. Curiously, eating well also helps others, as a diet strong in fruits and vegetables not only helps to combat climate change, but also helps eliminate the unnecessary suffering created by animal industry.

In a closed circuit like Planet Earth, it is important to be aware that the suffering of others, is in the long run the suffering of one. Suffering factories (animal industries) must be eliminated.

This does not mean that we should stop consuming animal products, only that we do it without generating suffering.

6. Take care of the collective physical body

It is closely linked to all the above points. To care for the Planet and all its species, is to take care of ourselves. And to take care of ourselves, is to take care of the collective body to which we belong.

For example, if we were cells of our body, the whole body would be Planet Earth. For the body to be healthy, the cells must be healthy. For the cells to be healthy, the body must be healthy.

These six points are not commandments, because it is difficult to obey them and spirituality comes from the conscience, not from a mandate. They are recommendations, that being all agree with them, acquire a superior value because we would try to follow them with the confidence that we are not the only ones.

If we have all agreed to give value and materiality to something that does not really exist, such as money, corporations, governments, or human rights, which are intersubjective beliefs (subjective beliefs shared by many), we could give a real existence also to principles like these, if we all agreed on it.

They may not be perfect, but if we were all in agreement even if we were alone in this, and lived in accordance with these principles with the confidence that others will do the same, the whole Planet would be healed in a very short time, and with that we would heal.

In a very short time the average level of happiness of all sentient beings of the Planet, would rise exponentially, and with it the collective consciousness of all of us.

The power of the mind would then be used for wonderful things, which escape our imagination and little by little we would all approach a state of total happiness, or Nirvana, or Kingdom of Heaven, in this body, and on this Planet.

What other goal can we have as a species, than being happy?

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Art by Philipp Igumnov