TRUMP, the MAYAS have a message for you (and it´s not f**k you)

Centuries ago the lands where you live and made your fortune, same lands where you rule now, were inhabited by giants.

These ancestors of humanity laid the foundations of modern civilizations and allowed us to distinguish ourselves from other species on the planet.

They built the first roads, developed accounting systems, understood our place in nature, and explored the potential of the human consciousness.

They did not follow the path of the peoples of the mind who own the technology and the capital that you have so well today profited. They did not discover the formula of relativity as we understand it today, neither created the first computers nor much less the internet.

The people of whom I speak, those people of the heart, left a more subtle but not less important legacy. I am talking about the Cherokee, Egyptians, Greeks, Lakota, Mexihkas, Sumerians, Wixarikas, Tlaxcaltecas and above all the Tolteka or Mayas, among many others.

These people understood some concepts that we are just beginning to demonstrate scientifically, such as the interconnectedness of the whole life of Planet Earth.

They understood the place of the human species in a planetary context, not as owners but as parts of what we call nature. They also understood the interdependence of all the peoples of mankind, and of all the humans within those peoples, before the global world that you now seek to disintegrate existed.

These people knew that in order to grow as humanity, we did not have to have more, we had to be more. And that one civilization was better than the other not when their economy was bigger, but when their people were happier.

You were born in different times, you were made to think that to have more was to be better, that you have to win at all costs, that you have to tread on others if necessary. It is a respectable view of life, but it is no longer sustainable. A humanity that thinks like this, has its days counted.

Everyone can think as everyone wishes, yes, but when a person is chosen to be the president of the world’s most powerful country, the largest economy, and to have control of the nuclear codes of the most destructive armory in human history, his way of being and thinking is something that addresses the whole human tribe.

You have proved to be a person who does not listen to others and who does not tolerate visions other than yours, you have created a wall between the world that you intend to conquer with your charisma, and you. You have proven to be a person willing to do everything to have more. You live in an illusion, a dream that is called ego.

Your ego has made you believe that only having more and occupying positions of power will achieve your realization. It makes you feel disconnected from other people, and that’s why you want to be better than everyone else. But the game you’re playing cannot be won, and so now you aspire to be the most powerful man in the world; yet I assure you that it will not be enough for you either.

The price you paid after playing 70 years the same game, is to distance yourself from the human people to which you belong. You have not understood that you are part of a species; you are an individual among many, a cell of a body that is called humanity.

What happens when a cell in the human body forgets that it is part of an organism and begins to grow regardless of the body to which it belongs? That cell becomes a cancer cell, and it will spread to other healthy cells until the process is irreversible and the body dies.

Our generation has inherited a peaceful capital unprecedented in humanity. Our grandparents understood the importance of peace after the horrible wars of the last century that almost ended with the whole of humanity, you lived in the Cold War. We are heirs of a peaceful capital for which we do not created, and that we do not value.

You do not mind squandering that peace capital, as if it were your fortune. But it is not yours, that peace belongs to the world.

When two Mayans greeted each other, one said to the other “In la Kech,” and the other replied “Hana Ken.” This means I Am You, and You Are I, as well as the Nahua greeting “Ni tehuat / ti nehuatl”. They understood that we are one people, one big family in which to hurt the other was to hurt themselves. They understood that the peoples of the earth are a great team, a company if you want to see it like this, with only one goal: to survive, and to do so, guaranteeing not only the pursuit of happiness, but happiness itself and respecting the planet that gave and gives us life.

Understand it, Trump, we are in this together, there is no place in this blue spot in space for your way of thinking. That way was the wrong one, and our species already understood it. Do not want to go back to the past.

Humans are one people. You are us, and we are you. If you are well, we are well and if we are well, you are well. That is the message of the Maya.

Understand: #InlaKechTrump

Reviewed by Victor Tlauiozelotl Chávez, Inkaltonal Minister and intercessor of the Dance of the Sun of Ueuexihko Amatlán of Ketzalkoatl