70612B K16 Signal Combiner

Part of the semi-custom 70612 family, the 70612B K16 Signal Combiner includes two switched directional couplers.

On the top left is the output RF switch, which selects between two inputs (J1, J2). The remaining three RF switches switch between the two directional couplers, a 10–1000 MHz Micro Circuits ZFDC-10–2-S and a 1–20 GHz HP 87300B, (shown below), which combine a second input signal (J3) to produce an output signal (J4).

The RF schematic diagram is shown below:

Like other modules in the 70612 line, this module is based around a standard driver board, and can be cotnrolled via GPIB and through an MMS GUI.

Module Resources

A hard copy of the Hardware Reference has been located, but has not yet been scanned.

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