Does “Deadbeat Donald” Have Any Money?
Dmitri Mehlhorn

As an independent this piece is primarily political propaganda. The Clintons have so much political and ethical lapses that no train however long can hold it all. Despite all that baggage the Clintons are worth about two hundred million dollars, not bad for public sector affiliation. By the way, education in this country is a disaster in many major cities like Chicago, you know, that safe place with strict gun laws ( nearly 500 people murdered last year and likely to have more this year, rapes, robberies and burglaries- well that’s another number). Our free press is primarily owned by those who have a political agenda and hire those with the same agenda or who are malleable to that agenda. The classic examples are Presidents Bush43 and President Obama whose accomplishments for the American people prior to being elected are nearly negligible. The free press usually ignores the most importance questions because it often conflicts with agendas. Evidently, just getting elected to an office is a primary accomplishment. They conform to the Mouth Theory.

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