A Bit About Me

Tell me about yourself: Hi!

My name is Nick and I grew up in small town just outside of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada! I grew up with my Mother, Father and Brother. From a very young age I enjoyed creating small businesses, from puppet shows to lemonade stands, to my first real website for skiing updates. Once I got my hands on a computer, I was instantly attached. Not to gaming or doing homework, but to the whole concept of how a computer worked and the power of the internet. Back in the day I had dalup connection speeds so doing anything was quite tough. My first web based site was skiingupdates101.com. It provided real live updates on skiing weather and skiing conditions, and covered all Canadian and American ski hills. The site on average got about 1000 hits per week for a year. After skiingupdates101, many of my web based company start ups failed.

CellFurb Inc.’s Logo

Not until 2013 did I successfully start up a company that generated pure sales. This was not a web based company, it was CellFurb Inc., a company that repaired mobile devices. Still around today, CellFurb Inc. repairs devices out of an office in Whistler, BC Canada and will be opening shops in Ottawa, ON and Revelstoke, BC in 2016. I also started up HQC International Inc. and sold it in 2016, MX Media Group and worked on my Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Linked in, Youtube and other social media platforms.

Do you work exclusively for yourself? I have been working for myself full time since late 2015 and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future. I have always had a tough time working under someone ever since my first job at Canadian Tire. I work the way I think is most efficient, the way I want to and at the speed I feel most comfortable with. When superiors tell me what to do, I don’t react well. When people tell me what to do I instantly don’t want to do it. On the contrary, if people tell me I can’t do something I will work towards doing it at all costs until I succeed.

Education? I guess you can call me “Uneducated”. I never attended University or College but in reality I educated myself with life experience and failures. “Education is not preparation for life; education is life itself. -John Dewey”. I found something I’m passionate for and I have learned more along the way with succeeding and failing then I would have ever in school. No one is fully educated, education never ends, every day you learn something new and open up another door, another opportunity.

What were some obstacles with being 15 owning your own company? I think the correct question is what weren’t obstacles? As a young entrepreneur in Ontario you can’t legally own your own business, file taxes, have a bank account or anything really.

What is the key thing to keep in mind when starting up your own business? Patience is a big one, it takes months, if not years to start pulling a profit. Everything you do is in slow motion from day one. It takes weeks to get a site up, months to get clients and years to break even. The next thing is you can’t have a life and a new business. Having a business and being the owner requires you to be available 24/7. Despite not having a social life, being your own boss, dealing with people and creating are all passions!

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