2017 will bring brand new HR technology lowering the burden of HR Department

The HR Software Market now faces a revolution which is projected to make a drastic development in the HR technology by 2017. HR automation is said to have started creating a buzz in the business industry in early 2000’s with services like administrative and Human Resources management activities made digitally.

As the world becomes internet at digital technology-based, more and more organizations seek services from HR Software. These are tools used to do activities such as employee data administration, workforce management and payroll, compensation and benefits as well as recruitment, performance, and talent supervision and learning and development management, in an automated way instead of the usual traditional manual process.However, the HR Software Market is believed to be having its disruptive phase as its rapid development often changes the way most organizations work. These changes may even shape other trends in the future of HR technology thus the need for new ways of doing such.These are some of the innovations we should watch out for:

Rapid and more Real-Time Evaluation Tools

Due to the availability of HR software, evaluation isn’t only easier but can also be done rapidly and on a real-time basis. Unlike the older way of using annual survey on the workplace which may take much longer time and may give imprecise and outdated results, HR automation can now provide tools for real-time surveys which can be done in quarterly basis garnering much more reliable information from the employees.

Modern Performance Evaluation Management Ways

Employees and the management seem to have less barrier due to the automation that connects them to and from each other. Thus, more organization tend to use such to reinvent performance assessment methods by using regular developmental conversations, feedback generations, and regular check-ins.The new gadget looks like games, personality assessment like methods and online check-in systems are most likely to be more effective than the old-school form-based assessment.

Birth of more Fit and Wellness apps to boost employees achievement

2017 is also projected to carry out new applications and tools that will provide employees with more data regarding work-life balance and health related issues. This automation is said to help out a lot in the HR development programs as they increase productivity among employees which can definitely lead to the success of the company as a whole

Appearance of abacus HR with artificial intelligence

Soon to enter and eventually may conquer the HR automation are the digital HR software with Artificial Intelligence. These are the tools with AI, which will be able to process HR activities smoothly thus making workflow more productive, improving the employee experience and enhance the HR department’s value and power.

2017 will indeed bring more exciting HR automation that may cause the commotion to the current software market. If you are into this line of service, it is utmost important to be updated of the latest trend in order to ensure better and rapid performance as well as improved work in the years to come.

More flexible employee recruitment/acquisition software

Due to HR automation, recruitment of new employees can be done with just a few clicks on the computer. Now, various tools are already crafted and will be made accessible to offer complete assistance in the acquisition of new talents from searching, online interviewing, candidate scoring, as well as with onboarding and ongoing candidate relationship management.

These tools are often associated with online job boards which make it easier for the HR to locate and even save data of previous and current applicants to be revisited every now and then. It can also be used to build a pool of reserved applicants in case of a sudden vacancy.

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