How Trump won’t go away and will squeeze a victory out of any scenario.

Watching how second count delegate voting favors his campaign, I begin to wonder what other mechanisms are setup to fall in his favor and topple onto everyone else.

(I honestly thought that by now someone in the party would have made him an offer months ago that he could not refuse and we would not see him at most until ’20 or next season of NBC. But Trump knows two things: I’m a fool and his party are suckers. I mean, really? Guys, you can’t even make a deal with the deal artist? Maybe it’s not too late. Is he still answering your calls?)

So, of course I think of Florida in ’00 and Ohio in ’04 and wonder where the next booby trap is set to spring. (Russert called Florida like a year in advance, right? Has anyone done so for ‘16? Nate? “Why don’t I even have an educated guess?”, you ask? Because I don’t read articles, only headlines and tweets.* So all I have are ignorant rhetorical questions. That’s why.)

So, what is the October surprise? What is the Nov 8th hangover?

It will be a master stroke. It’s tactical brilliance matched only by its vulgarity.

What will it be? Oh, we should have seen it coming and yes we were warned.

Is Texas where he challenges the validity of every Latino vote registered in the last four years? (I chose that scenario as an example because I met it at the intersection of most likely and most outrageous streets. Every other scenario I could imagine was too off-putting, and therefore less plausible. But I welcome your suggestions. I have a gift card for the winner chosen by a Twitter poll of both of my interactors and subsequently vetoed by me and then given to my biggest contributor.)

I take that back, the other scenario I could conjure was to flip the script. Right now there’s an unknown government official in a district somewhere that we will soon know their name. They’ll do their due good-faith duty to the election and then Trump will challenge them. I mean ruin their life. That government official will soon bear the brunt of a gender/orientation/ethnicity/ethical smear campaign. Then they’ll be hacked and doxxed. Meanwhile Trump will continue his streak of relevance via aggravation.

Don’t tell me that you don’t believe that Trump can use the obfuscation of a legal firestorm of lawsuits to his advantage? Trump won’t ever be embarrassed enough to let go. He’ll be filing suits well after Jan 20.

So where is it at? Where is this post-election showdown to take place?

Whatever state it happens in will have all roads and all branches in formation. District, city, county/parish, and state agencies all run by Republican majorities. All end up acting at the behest of the campaign’s will.

Regardless of the value of the evidence, they will all find in his favor. Even the bench of the district of the Federal Appeals court the question falls to will be stacked (awkward sentence structure, dubious claim, consider revising.) Therefore, without a ninth Supreme Court justice, the split decision falls back to the lower court ruling in his favor. Trump. President Trump.

So what state lines up? Is there a swing state? Does its politcial demographics and infrastructure blush red? Has it been gerrymandered, voter rolls purged, and big-bossed into a Trump machine? Where have the major networks planned to stage their correspondents? Where is it that the party lawyers already have rented suites? Where are the police most militarized?

In the end (and also because), what other options are there for Trump? Where does he go from here? I mean afterward. If, you know, the unthinkable happens? What can he do? Play golf with OJ? The casinos and hotels are closing. No one will eat the steaks at any price or ever prefer a building with his name on it to another. This is his final meeting in the room where it happens. He knows what he owes and he knows what a book deal is worth. It’s win or die. There’s no incentive for him to do anything but do everything in order to win. He can’t pivot into good rhetoric and goodwill and win on charm. Nothing’s beneath him and he has no choice. There’s no way out. He’ll go nuclear. No option is off the table. I couldn’t have written a character into a better position. He has to burn it all down in order for any of it to mean anything. For him there’s plenty of nobility in his direction. He thinks of it as going out in a blaze of glory. He’s no chump. He’s from... Queens? Really? Like Astoria, the most diverse place on Earth? That Queens? With the lovely little houses?

I can’t believe I have to witness his pick for running mate.

*That’s only a slight exaggeration, I could be wrong.

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