Digitized directors and social CEOs lead the way

New Instagram uses brief, snackable content to communicate with employees.

A few recent Instagrams from Dominique

In business, it’s no longer enough to aspire to be a thought leader. To truly connect with customers and employees, you must become a social leader as well.

Enter The @DD_Files Instagram account.

By 2020, 50% of the global workforce are likely to be digitally savvy millennials. Their expectation is for company directors and senior management to be more accessible and authentic.

The best way to achieve this is via the available social tool-kits — whether it be Twitter, Instagram, Facebook Live, Periscope, SnapChat, or LinkedIn Pulse, to name a few.

It’s no longer enough to manage from behind-the-scenes, taking to the stage once a year at the annual company conference. In our rapidly evolving content world, business leaders need to inspire and share their vision and brand values every day via open social platforms.

By embracing a proactive social content strategy, leaders can interact and inspire advocacy from their social employees. Not only is this how the majority of workforces communicate, it’s also how consumers everywhere communicate. There’s no longer interest in long-winded press announcements when a tweet or a short video is easier to digest.

The rewards of evolving to this style of communication are plentiful, both in terms of talent engagement and showing clients that your business has a human face, with those in charge being open and honest about the initiatives and values that are important to them.

At Havas, we embarked on this journey a while ago. Many of our senior management show great social leadership and use social content to inspire a sense of togetherness via the hashtag #Havastogether.

Most recently, Havas Global Managing Director Dominque Delport launched his own visual insight into his values, thoughts and company-wide activity happening across the Havas family.

The @DD_Files account on Instagram posts daily updates, which are visually slick and polished and certainly worth a follow.

Stacy Fuller, Head of Content at Havas North America, definitely thinks more company directors should communicate like this. “Leaders from all sections of the marketing and communications industry should be pioneering this type of social change in their own businesses and lobbying their senior teams to lean in to this ear of social leadership,” she says.