Platform Updates: Pinterest Rising

It’s safe to say that Pinterest is unique among social platforms. For one, it’s arguably the least social, at least in the conventional sense. You don’t snap selfies with goofy lenses to your friends or tag your friends in photos. Instead, Pinterest plans to roll out their own versions of lenses and tagging, none of which look anything like those on other platforms and all of which revolve around the way consumers use the site to find and buy products.

Shop the Look

This is Pinterest’s take on tagging.

Consumers will soon be able to find and buy products on the platform by tapping a circle around a specific item, a feature that will initially be available only on pins related to fashion and home décor.

Pinterest Lens

This feature, which is still in beta, will be an absolute game-changer if done correctly. Users will be able to use their phones to search for ideas around real-world objects. For example, if a user points their phone camera at a pair of shoes, they could then tap to see related styles on Pinterest. Or a user could take a picture of a clock, and Pinterest would show room-décor ideas that revolve around similar clock. It’s almost like an augmented reality game.

Instant Ideas

Users can see “related” pins from within their home feed. It’s activated when users tap the small circle on pins.

How Brands Benefit

The first two features, Shop the Look and Pinterest Lens, should spark immediately actionable campaign ideas. Fashion and home décor brands can tag multiple items in inspirational pins, and testing has shown that tagged pins are receiving 3–4 times more engagement than un-tagged ones, and result in double or even triple the number of visits to a brand’s website. The lens feature is the perfect way to encourage consumers to buy a product in real life after finding inspiration online.

Pinterest is evolving into a bona-fide e-commerce site, and because people go there to be inspired, save products, and now buy products, Pinterest is poised to become a huge player for brands. In some ways, Pinterest’s biggest competitor is Google — or perhaps the entire internet.

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