10 Cool Crowdfunded Home Security Gadgets

It takes more than a great idea and motivation to get a product on the market. What inventors also require is funds and a lot of it. These days, one of the surest ways to secure the monies necessary is to start a crowdfunded campaign. Out of successful crowdfunded campaigns have come some of the best home security gadgets out there.

If you’re ready to manage your home security needs, then check out some of the best crowdfunded gadgets that have made it to the market:

#1 Peeple

If your front door has a peep hole and you’re concerned about people who come to your door, then Peeple is an excellent security gadget to have on hand — or more correctly, within the peep hole of your door. Every time someone comes to your door, the gadget snaps an image and sends it to your phone. This way, you can monitor visitors and ensure that you’re only answering if you know the individual.

Stats: released by Kickstarter, battery lasts about 6 months before you need to change it, requires a Wi-Fi connection.

#2 Canary Smart Home Security

Started by IndieGoGo platform and a crowdfund that generated $1.9 million, the Canary Smart Home Security gadget is a small security device. The device contains an HD video camera and sensors that gauges that air temperature and pollution.

#3 Blink Wireless HD

A home monitoring system like Blink is invaluable to homeowners. This monitoring system is simple to set up, it’s stylish, and it is compatible with iOS and Android devices. Blink works to monitor your entryways and windows and upon detection of movement, a video is streamed to your mobile device.

Cool features: instant alerts, turns on instantly, temperature sensor, microphone, night vision.

#4 Soap: All-in-One Router

Home security goes beyond detection and video streaming, it also extends to network privacy. Soap is a wireless home management system that allows you to alter settings in your home network. This enables you to keep your data protected against those who want to snatch it.

#5 Cocoon

If you’re looking for one of the simplest ways to manage your home security, then Cocoon is a tool that you should add to your collection. With the HD camera peering from the aesthetic gray ball, the device learns who should regularly be in the space and who shouldn’t. After learning what’s normal in your home, the device will notify you when there is a deviation from the norm.

#6 CleverLoop

Similar to Cocoon, CleverLoop also learns what is normal and your home and what isn’t. With this device though, everything streamed is sent to your phone in real time. Other neat features include: customization of cameras at different locations, the plan is free, privacy is protected.

#7 Sentri

Sentri is an undetectable security device. With this device, you’ll get notifications to your phone when there is motion and changes in air quality and temperature.

#8 BuddyGuard

BuddyGuard is a small is a tiny and intelligent device that protects your home at all hours of the day. Similar to the devices above, it uses a unique algorithm to detect the norms of your home. Upon noticing a change from the norm, it notifies your mobile device.

#9 Flic

Unlike most of the security devices above, Flic is a “smart button” that you can stick to anywhere. After connecting the device to your iOS or Android device, you can use your phone to take a picture, dim the lights, or even start a playlist. This way, you can easily monitor and configure your home to your needs.

#10 BeOn Home Protecting System

Lastly, there is BeOn, a home protecting system. This unique security device is made of little bulbs that emit light which can be placed around your home. The device will automatically turn on during a power outage to deter burglars from breaking-in to your home.

Source: https://www.homesecuritylist.com/10-cool-crowdfunded-home-security-gadgets/

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