I Think My Roommate Is Stealing My Stuff — How Can I Catch Him?

When we share rooms with roommates, there is always a chance of disbelief or sometimes even stealing of items (which is actually very easy for a roommate in absence of the other). If you continually find items missing or getting misplaced regularly in your room and you think your roommate is stealing or misplacing them, the most prudent way of dealing with it is to catch him/her red-handed rather than confronting without proof.

How to catch him Red-Handed?

It’s rather easy. What you simply need to do is use a camera to record what’s going on in your room even when you are not there. Cameras like DropCam or Foscam can be of immense help. While Dropcams are known for their reliability and superior quality video, Foscams are way too affordable and are easier to use (even your not-so-tech-savvy grandmother can use it easily).

There are other kinds of cameras too for watching the households from remote locations. These are called nanny cams or hidden cameras. These hidden cameras will help you find out whether your roommate is really stealing your stuff.

Another kind of hidden camera that can solve your mystery is the spy cam, which can look like any other household item but comes with hidden cameras inside. Your roommate will never know that you are watching all his actions — whether he is really stealing your items — even when you are not around.

Dropcam, Foscam, or Spy Cam?

Whether you want to catch your roommate red-handed by installing Dropcam or Foscam will depend upon many factors including usability, budget, and extent of use. To check what suits you best, here’s a quick overview.


These cameras are lighter, more compact, and come with very simple design. For setting up Dropcam it will only take you a minute’s time. If you want to have live streaming facility or check out what’s happening in your room from remote location, there are two facilities available:

1. Connect it with your computer through Wi-Fi, or

2. Use Bluetooth for connecting the cam with your mobile device (currently only iOS support is there but android capability will also be available soon)

Up to 130 degrees diagonal field of view is available and up to 30 days of recording footages can be stored.


When compared with Dropcams, these are bigger and are much more bulky. Until and unless you are tech savvy, you may find setting up the camera troublesome. Viewing ability in this camera is way too superior because rotation here is up to 300 degrees. No matter which part of the room your roommate moves to, you will always be able to see him through Foscams. These cams are significantly affordable too.

Spy Cam

Spy cams can be used for catching your roommate and they can be kept covered under plants, inside wall clocks, air fresheners, hidden inside smoke detectors or weather clock radios.

Which one is best for You?

Cameras such as Dropcams, Foscams, and Spy cams are all equally helpful in meeting your purpose. Which cam will suit you best depends upon your need and budget. Make the choice and catch your roommate red-handed.

Source: http://www.dommy-design.com/i-think-my-roommate-is-stealing-my-stuff-how-can-i-catch-him/

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