The Hidden Dangers of Letting Sales Reps in Your Home

Sales reps keep knocking at our door steps almost daily. There are many bogus tradesmen as well as fraudsters that are trying to con households by saying they are sales representatives of certain companies. There’s nothing wrong in legitimate doorstep sales practices. But the problem arises when fraudsters practice the same techniques as honest business sales people. However, there are hidden dangers of allowing sales reps to come inside our houses.

  1. There are many instances where burglars have conned people into entering houses in the guise of sales reps and then robbing them. In fact, door-to-door frauds can take place in many forms such as unfair contracts, pressure selling, bogus charity collections, phoney consumer surveys, and many more.
  2. If you are dealing with bogus salespeople, the first thing they will do is provide false contact information and identity. Providing them with information can lead to identity theft, caising serious damage to credit report.
  3. Conmen pretend to be sales reps, get in the house, check out the valuables as well as the security measures installed, and then plan their next break-in accordingly.

So, every time you allow a sales representative to enter your house, you are at an increased risk of getting conned, robbed, or left with serious emotional and monetary stress. So, the next time you let a sales rep inside house, consider these hidden dangers first.

  • Are there guidelines for door-to-door Salespersons?

Yes, there are certain guidelines. The first thing a sales rep must do while soliciting for a product is, explain the purpose of visit. To prove his or her true identity, identification should be produced. The door-to-door sales rep must also inform you that you have every right to ask him to her to leave. If you indeed do, they have no other choice but to leave. The sale rep must also explain the cooling-off rights that a customer has. In fact, there is a certain contact hour for them. If these conditions are violated in any manner, you have all the rights to file complaint to protect your rights.

  • What can you do to ward them off?

There are some the proven ways of dealing with the door-to-door sales reps to avoid getting conned or even robbed:

  1. The best way to avoid them is not answering their marketing moves. Check who’s ringing the bell through your CCTV camera. If there’s any sales rep, don’t respond. You can check out the cool home security gadgets of Frontpoint Security to get your own home surveillance device within your budget to ward off the sales reps.
  2. You shouldn’t show any kind of etiquette or courtesy to door-to-door sales reps. You should never let them inside your house, even when you are buying from them.

Try these proven ways to get rid of the sales reps from outside your house. In this way, you can protect yourself from the hidden dangers associated with letting sales persons inside your home.