Three Stooges Steal Home Security Camera Recording but Advanced Technology help Catch Them

Nowadays, technology is fast catching up with us and is proving to be smarter — especially among thieves like the ones caught in this video! The home security camera clearly outsmarted three house-breakers in Las Vegas.

One of the thieves thought they can run away with the evidence by stealing the camera, but everything was recorded from a remote system and stored in iCloud! It’s a whole new level of stupidity!

“ Technology is proving to be smarter than a thief, who thought by stealing the camera that was recording him, he would get away with the evidence as well. Not anymore, thanks to high tech advances that can record camera surveillance from remote systems, such as iCloud. One such camera outsmarted three thieves in Las Vegas, caught breaking into a Las Vegas home. Just before police say they ransacked the house, one man sees the camera and grabs it from the shelf.”