The last letter I will ever write to you.

Lover, if I can still call you that. No. You don’t even deserve that title.

Ever since that day, it snowed. And then it stopped. And then it snowed again. And it rained. And a bunch of other stuff that are expected when the weather changes. But today, the sun is up, dogs and children playing at the parc again. My love melted with the snow.

I like to start my letters with weather changes. You were always the sky of my poems.

Anyway. What is there more to say? My niece is almost walking. Can you believe it? It still feels like yesterday, I was sitting outside the hospital, sipping on a cup of coffee and waiting alone for her to arrive. She’s had her ears pierced. Today, she smiled and I saw her first tooth. She’s a person. And you’ll never get to meet her.

It’s been such a long time, lover. You are no longer here and I don’t want you to be. Every time I try to remember you, I feel nothing but pain. You are no longer welcome in my brain. What a shame.

I guess what I’m really trying to say is… nothing.

Seriously, I have nothing to say to you.


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