In Class Speaker: Ryan Pauley, SB Nation / Vox

As a part of our Digital Media in Sports class, we have had the opportunity of having multiple guest speakers visit us and give us useful advice and information on the industry we are studying. The third and final speaker we had the absolute privilege of having in our Digital Media in Sport class was Ryan Pauley. Pauley, a graduate of Elon University with a B.S. in Sport Management as well as a graduate of Georgetown University with a Masters in Sports Industry Management, was a fantastic speaker providing us with incredible advice on how to successfully navigate our way through the sports industry and beyond. Currently, Pauley works for Vox Media as their Vice President of Revenue Operations & General Management. Due to the wide umbrella of ownership Vox has over significant editorial brands companies such as SB Nation, The Verge, Polygon, Curbed and etc. Pauley has had the unique opportunity of working with several of these companies throughout his travels in the world of sports. Throughout his speech, Pauley continually stressed the idea of constantly pushing new and polished content into the digital world in order to draw new and old consumers back to Vox and its subsidiaries. As well as new and old viewers, Pauley saw the value in the marketing and branding aspects of Vox and continues to work on building and growing the brand as one of the companies higher ups.

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