In Class Speaker: Samantha Wood

As a part of our Digital Media in Sports class, we have had the opportunity of having multiple guest speakers visit us and give us useful advice and information on the industry we are studying. One of our most recent speakers was Samantha Wood, the current Digital Media Platforms Manager for the Philadelphia Eagles who works and operates media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat for the organization. Wood talked about the significance of keeping players in line and attempting to promote the most positive image of the organization to the general public and the people of Philadelphia. Wood additionally expressed her extensive experience in the industry of sports digital media, recalling her time working for the Philadelphia Flyers and 76er’s. One struggle Wood has had particular issues with over the years of digital media operations is constantly adapting to new modern ways of producing and promoting content regardless of if the content becomes redundant as it may become in the sports industry. Wood could not stress her praise for being able to speak at such a course as our Digital Media in Sports class, as she expressed it would have been a huge help for her in college to learn such material before she had entered the industry herself.

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