In Class Speaker: Tim Stoeckle, Philadelphia Phillies

As a part of our Digital Media in Sports class, we have had the opportunity of having multiple guest speakers visit us and give us useful advice and information on the industry we are studying. A few weeks ago we were lucky enough to welcome Tim Stoeckle the current digital media manager for the Philadelphia Phillies to our class. Stoeckle, a previous graduate of Saint Joe’s in North Western Philadelphia, has been in the sports industry for less than five years yet has risen to the pinnacle of his craft when it pertains to the handling of social media platforms in the sports industry. Stoeckle expressed how tedious it may be when trying to produce new and exciting content each day over the course of a 162 game MLB season. He spoke about the wide array of approaches he took to try to make content fun and enjoyable, but sometimes falling short to redundancies and repetition throughout the season. Stoeckle currently holds the keys to operating the social media platforms of Twitter, Instagram and Facebook for the Phillies and admits he never thought of being in the position he is currently in after graduating college. Stoeckle’s final message to our class was to continue to dive into the world of social media and technology, assuring us that the future of many new industries and businesses will exist within the digital world.