The Sports Goliath that is Nike

In June of 2015, Nike stamped its latest colossal footprint on the world of sports merchandising. Nike continued to build its dominance of the merchandising market by signing a jersey deal with the NBA that would reach the approximate number of $1 billion. The deal would span for the next eight years, as NBA jerseys will harbor the Nike swoosh on each team’s jerseys at the beginning of 2017–2018 NBA season. This was precluding Adidas’ decision to not sign an extension to remain the jersey provider of the NBA.

Not only will Nike have wrapped its hands on NBA jersey merchandising, Nike its currently the jersey merchandizing provider for the NFL as well. Adidas provides jersey merchandizing for the NHL, while Under Armor provides for the MLB. While Nike will now provide jerseys for both the NBA and NFL, their bread and butter still lie within the shoe retail industry. Nike holds a commanding 90 percent of the total basketball shoe market at retail within the United States. It is clear to say that this is just the latest large endeavor Nike has entered into and will not be the last in coming years.

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