Generic Apology For Workplace Sex Offenders

Dear [Name of victim],

I know words can never be enough, but I’m writing to offer my sincere apology to you for my misconduct. After reading in the news about other abusive men like me for the past several months, I’ve decided I should confess before someone else does it for me. It has taken some deep thought and many nights staring at the ceiling in fear, but I have come to conclude that I am part of the problem.

I now see that when I said __[description of demeaning, offensive, or sexually suggestive words] to you, I __[allegedly][definitely] caused feelings of ________________.

I’m also sorry for the time(s) I was physically inappropriate, and especially for the time(s) I __[tried to force][forced] my _______________ into your _______________. That was wrong, and I regret it.

I also now see how my actions and behavior impacted your career in life changing ways that I will never be able to comprehend, because I have enjoyed tremendous good fortune in my career as a (CIRCLE ONE)_[chef / comedian / actor / producer / conductor / director / artist / reporter / politician / journalist / mogul / attorney / doctor / youth mentor / executive / author / host / playwright / man of faith / pundit / other].

Indeed, the power dynamic and sense of control that I exerted over those below me fed the ego and confidence that was the key to my success. I now see that the abuse I leveled at you __[allegedly][definitely] stole your confidence and damaged your sense of self worth, __[allegedly][definitely] harming your ability to truly excel.

I would also like to take this opportunity to apologize to my co-workers at ______________, and my longtime mentor(s) _____________ and my loyal team, ___________, ___________, __________ , all of whom I have shamed and disappointed with my actions. I am especially sorry to ___________, for forcing you into a position of enabling my abusiveness. 😞

I don’t deserve anyone’s forgiveness, but I am going to try to be a better person by _[listening][disappearing], and entering _[rehab][prison].


[Name of abuser]